Terms of use

These images are released for editorial use only and only to credited members of the press. You may only use the photos in connection to an editorial piece about ICEHOTEL and/or ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL.

Under no circumstances may any photos of ICEHOTEL and/or ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL be used for commercial use (this includes advertising, contests or any kind of non-editorial use). The photos may not be distorted, manipulated, sold or distributed.

Photographs of ICEHOTEL and/or ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL may not be used in context that violate the agreements that ICEHOTEL has entered with partners. Nor can it be used for political agendas, explicit content, pornography, in violation of individuals or be defamatory, express hatred or contempt.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the photos, please contact

Representatives of the press, please contact if you have any questions.

Credit upon publishing

Always include the photographers name in a photo byline. Photos of suites and artwork at ICEHOTEL and/or ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL must also feature the names of the artist/s in a photo byline.

Example of a photocredit:

Photos containing names of the photographers and artists, this information may be edited provided it is included in a photo byline.

You can also find the name of the artist here:

After the photos have served their purpose, they must be deleted.


ICEHOTEL is a registered trademark and always written in capital letters.

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